Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tropical Cairns

It's raining like crazy here in Cairns. Must be careful not to get washed away. Lol

Will be sleeping onboard my ship tonight. Quite looking forward to it. The thought is as a shipkeeper I should stay onboard every night, but it's been that wet that the manager said, stay in the house for now. But even though it's raining heaps still, and the ship isn't the dryest in the world, I feel like it's time to move into my new home. I love staying onboard that ship, she is just so beautiful and authentic. Real speacial feel to her, she's a breathing, sweatting, living wooden ship with a soul. Hard to explain, but think Gotheborg III (if you've been onboard) but minus ALL modern things!!! Trey cool!

Better be off. This might be the last blog for a while, no internet access onboard. But keep leaving comments. Do love reding them!!