Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I got severely burnt yesterday after falling asleep in the sun. Stooopid Australian sun!! =) I look so funny tho, like Ive got a weird geisha make-up on. My tummie is redder that red, with a little white mark where my belly piercing was. Haha!! Don't worry. I have photos!! I'm pumping pain killer cos even the feel of fabric against my scorched skin is killing. So it's safe to say it's been an interesting Xmas. LOL

Did some shopping for new years today and scored two great tops. Ive got a date for new years. Hihi. I think this might be my first new years eve date. EVER!! ROFL! The plan so far is I'm going sailing then partying. Ba we'll see, dunno how much more time I should spend in the sun...

Tried to go to the gym and work out again. But my muscles just wasn't with me today and the whole scorched skin thing is really energy draining. But I tried and must have been there for at least 30 min. But I'll go back tomorrow and to it properly. =) There's this PT there who made my work out schedule, and it helps having someone over my shoulder to get me to perform better. I'll be bringing this new work out with me home to continue. Its harsh. It's hard. It's the best!

Gonna go try get a free backpacker meal now.

xoxox to ya all!!!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ive just spent 2 hours in the gym and feeling very good about myself!

Xmas was great, once again spent by a pool! Lots of sea food and heaps of good company, just by a beach with palm trees and a cooling breeze.

Must admit Ive been slightly lazy the last week or so, but come on!! Its my holiday!!! =D But Im back into it now, got the physics books waiting back home on the boat for me.

As of a few days ago I now live on a house boat in the same marina I did before and that is just so awesome. Since Duyfken is out of the water Ive been living with a friend of mine about 20 min walk from the marina. But living in the marina is what Ive always done the whole time I was in Cairns last time so this makes it feel just like home. I'll take some photos for you guys. =)

It's mid through my holidays now, so two weeks to go. The first week went really, really slow. That was great. This past week's just gone so quickly Im almost panicin to go home so soon. But a good mate of mine is coming back to Cairns on the 31st and I cant wait!!! Got to see her breifly before she flew to Tassie the SAME day as I landed.

Im off to get some food now, compleatly ran out and had to improvise breckie this morning.

Hope you all had an awesome xmas back home.



Friday, 19 December 2008

My bike is reassembled again!!

Yesterday I went to the Duyfken office to say hi and to retrieve my bike in storage. They’ve been nice enough to keep it for me! =)

It’s now my means of transport. It wasn’t until this morning when I got on it to ride to the slip way where the ship is, that I fully realized how out of shape I am. But later that afternoon I was feeling the groove again!!

So, for the training updates:

Walked for 2 hours!!

Rode my bike this morning and all around town, so that might ad up to around 1 hour bike riding!
Going to the gym after this, 1hour min.
The either a fitness class or go swimming for, 1 hour for fitness class and 30 for swimming.

I’ll let ya know tomorrow how I went.

So, just a short update today!!

Take care!!



Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Had a slow start today! =)

Started with doing some washing and watching a movie. Don’t want to rush into the morning walks, my cold got a bit worse from the flights. Tomorrow it’ll be an early start tho!

Around lunch I started walking down the esplanade and after 10min the rain POURED!! I’m soaking wet as I write this but far from cold. It’s nice and warm rain and the best way to dry is to stay outside. The air con inside is a sure ticket to get sick.

Before the rain started I was just thinking how strong the smell of the orchids here are. There’s a sweet smell in the air, very pleasant. Since the rain stoped for now I’m going to go into the supermarket next door, Woolworths, and get some vegies and meat, head to the park and fire up a free barbeque. That’s the thing about Australia, part of the culture is the bbq, and in most public parks there are spots where you can cook, usually free, all ya need to do is push a button and there’s gas for cocking! Awesome!

If you just tuned in to this blog you might have missed the favour I’ve asked of you all!! It’s all laid out in the previous post. Have a gander! (Have a look.)

Thanks for stoping by this time, be sure to come back now, you hear! =)


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Back in Oz...

the Esplanade

...For a month at least!

Im in Cairns now, its hot, its humid, its geat!!

Spent ten hours yeasterday at Narita Airport in Japan, eating great food and sleeping! Got some cool pics of the weird toilets they have. (Hole in the floor...) And some other things.

The flight's been great, smoothly and semi-quick. Landed 05:15 this morning so now Im a bit on the sleepy side. But thing's still the same here in Carins and my little dove is still here too! The ship is called the "Duyfken" meaning little dove in old Duch. I used to work as a guide there and was hoping to do so this time around too. But as of today she's going into reefit and being pulled out of the water! I'm gonna help put on that, but now today, sleeeeep is requierd first! =)

Im staying with a helicopter friend of mine. He lives not far from the centre of town, near the esplanade, which is the walkpath by the water. It's really pretty.

As most of u guys know Im here to study and to get fit. I'd like to include u guys in tha latter. Its more fun and more motivating if someone is following ur progress. So each day (or as often I get Internet) I'll be blogging my regime for that or the previous day.
So join me in this, cheer on and encurage me, Im gonna NEED it!!! =)

I'll be looking forward to ur encouraging post here! The more often u post the better!!

So for now, I'm going to bed. But I'll be seeing u here from now on!!!