Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ive just spent 2 hours in the gym and feeling very good about myself!

Xmas was great, once again spent by a pool! Lots of sea food and heaps of good company, just by a beach with palm trees and a cooling breeze.

Must admit Ive been slightly lazy the last week or so, but come on!! Its my holiday!!! =D But Im back into it now, got the physics books waiting back home on the boat for me.

As of a few days ago I now live on a house boat in the same marina I did before and that is just so awesome. Since Duyfken is out of the water Ive been living with a friend of mine about 20 min walk from the marina. But living in the marina is what Ive always done the whole time I was in Cairns last time so this makes it feel just like home. I'll take some photos for you guys. =)

It's mid through my holidays now, so two weeks to go. The first week went really, really slow. That was great. This past week's just gone so quickly Im almost panicin to go home so soon. But a good mate of mine is coming back to Cairns on the 31st and I cant wait!!! Got to see her breifly before she flew to Tassie the SAME day as I landed.

Im off to get some food now, compleatly ran out and had to improvise breckie this morning.

Hope you all had an awesome xmas back home.



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