Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Back in Oz...

the Esplanade

...For a month at least!

Im in Cairns now, its hot, its humid, its geat!!

Spent ten hours yeasterday at Narita Airport in Japan, eating great food and sleeping! Got some cool pics of the weird toilets they have. (Hole in the floor...) And some other things.

The flight's been great, smoothly and semi-quick. Landed 05:15 this morning so now Im a bit on the sleepy side. But thing's still the same here in Carins and my little dove is still here too! The ship is called the "Duyfken" meaning little dove in old Duch. I used to work as a guide there and was hoping to do so this time around too. But as of today she's going into reefit and being pulled out of the water! I'm gonna help put on that, but now today, sleeeeep is requierd first! =)

Im staying with a helicopter friend of mine. He lives not far from the centre of town, near the esplanade, which is the walkpath by the water. It's really pretty.

As most of u guys know Im here to study and to get fit. I'd like to include u guys in tha latter. Its more fun and more motivating if someone is following ur progress. So each day (or as often I get Internet) I'll be blogging my regime for that or the previous day.
So join me in this, cheer on and encurage me, Im gonna NEED it!!! =)

I'll be looking forward to ur encouraging post here! The more often u post the better!!

So for now, I'm going to bed. But I'll be seeing u here from now on!!!



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