Friday, 19 December 2008

My bike is reassembled again!!

Yesterday I went to the Duyfken office to say hi and to retrieve my bike in storage. They’ve been nice enough to keep it for me! =)

It’s now my means of transport. It wasn’t until this morning when I got on it to ride to the slip way where the ship is, that I fully realized how out of shape I am. But later that afternoon I was feeling the groove again!!

So, for the training updates:

Walked for 2 hours!!

Rode my bike this morning and all around town, so that might ad up to around 1 hour bike riding!
Going to the gym after this, 1hour min.
The either a fitness class or go swimming for, 1 hour for fitness class and 30 for swimming.

I’ll let ya know tomorrow how I went.

So, just a short update today!!

Take care!!



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