Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Had a slow start today! =)

Started with doing some washing and watching a movie. Don’t want to rush into the morning walks, my cold got a bit worse from the flights. Tomorrow it’ll be an early start tho!

Around lunch I started walking down the esplanade and after 10min the rain POURED!! I’m soaking wet as I write this but far from cold. It’s nice and warm rain and the best way to dry is to stay outside. The air con inside is a sure ticket to get sick.

Before the rain started I was just thinking how strong the smell of the orchids here are. There’s a sweet smell in the air, very pleasant. Since the rain stoped for now I’m going to go into the supermarket next door, Woolworths, and get some vegies and meat, head to the park and fire up a free barbeque. That’s the thing about Australia, part of the culture is the bbq, and in most public parks there are spots where you can cook, usually free, all ya need to do is push a button and there’s gas for cocking! Awesome!

If you just tuned in to this blog you might have missed the favour I’ve asked of you all!! It’s all laid out in the previous post. Have a gander! (Have a look.)

Thanks for stoping by this time, be sure to come back now, you hear! =)


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susanna said...

fan, de tog mig 20 minuter att hitta vart jag skulla skriva en kommentar till dig haha

har missat att du skulle till oz. vad skall du göra där?

kram susanna