Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I got severely burnt yesterday after falling asleep in the sun. Stooopid Australian sun!! =) I look so funny tho, like Ive got a weird geisha make-up on. My tummie is redder that red, with a little white mark where my belly piercing was. Haha!! Don't worry. I have photos!! I'm pumping pain killer cos even the feel of fabric against my scorched skin is killing. So it's safe to say it's been an interesting Xmas. LOL

Did some shopping for new years today and scored two great tops. Ive got a date for new years. Hihi. I think this might be my first new years eve date. EVER!! ROFL! The plan so far is I'm going sailing then partying. Ba we'll see, dunno how much more time I should spend in the sun...

Tried to go to the gym and work out again. But my muscles just wasn't with me today and the whole scorched skin thing is really energy draining. But I tried and must have been there for at least 30 min. But I'll go back tomorrow and to it properly. =) There's this PT there who made my work out schedule, and it helps having someone over my shoulder to get me to perform better. I'll be bringing this new work out with me home to continue. Its harsh. It's hard. It's the best!

Gonna go try get a free backpacker meal now.

xoxox to ya all!!!

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Erik said...

Stackars solbrända dig. Men de är bra jobbat med träningen. Kämpa på.

Datanörden i mig vill påpeka att vill man följa din blogg utan att gå in på din sida så kan man i de flesta mailprogram (thunderbird tex) numera prenumerera på RSS-feeds.
Adressen till din feed är: http://exploredremdiscover.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Följer man flera olika bloggar, och inte har en mailläsare som kan prenumerera på bloggar så finns det sidor på nätet som kan sammla alla på ett o samma ställe (tex. Google Reader). Då använder man samma adress som ovan.
Så, nu har datanörden fått ur sig sitt.

Gott nytt år