Sunday, 4 January 2009

How random is life??

I’ve had such a mind blowing experience, one that is just so random and so rare.
This guy that owns the boat I’m staying on is also a great photographer. He’s been taking pictures for thirty odd years and he’s been nice enough to show me some of his awesome pictures. So we where going through some of them the other day and he was showing me these wonderful pics from a rodeo when a picture of a jumping horse came up. This is a cool pic, full on. The horse is in the air with both hind legs about 1 or 2 meters in the air. The poor rider is lying on the ground scared shit less covering his head. Now this is where it get’s weird. I’d seen that picture before. I’d taken a picture of that picture. So I asked Pete: This is one of yours? And he’s like sure. When I was on a road trip in Western Australia with a Swedish friend of mine we stoped in this tiny, tiny little one street town called Menzies. Middle of nowhere! In the pub this picture was hanging and I was so impressed with it I had to take a photo of it. Now little more than year later I not only meet the photographer, I’m staying on his boat!!! How random is that???!!! =D

In other news, I’m sure you are all very interested in my new years. Lol!!
I had a great time! The date was so much fun and we hung out and just chilled. Saw the fireworks both at nine o’clock and midnight. Went to PJ. O’Brian’s bar, both our favourite pub in Cairns and by the time the clock hit 02 we where on or way home again. I wasn’t up for a huge night, the night before had been the big BIG one.
I’d gone over to my mate Tim’s place where we were chilling with his brother, and two friends, Jeremy and Brandon. Brandon must be one of the funniest Ozies Ive ever met. If you know of Fat Pizza, that’s how he talks. Such a painting language that he’ll have you in stiches all night long. We all ended up watching Jackass 2 – the movie when Tim’s girl comes in with vodka and Galliano shots. Wow… Bad idea to put vodka in front of a Swede… We where shotting and doing 50-50is, vodka mixed 50% with coke. I had my very first black out, I found out the next day. Apparently I wanted to come with the boys fishing the next morning and was asking for my blue bucket. ROFL!! Code word for I need to chuck!! And I don’t remember finish watching Team America or getting back on my boat. Apparently Jeremy was nice enough to walk me home but how he managed to get me onto it is a mystery because its not an easy thing to do in a sober state. Impressed.

Im having a study day today. Im writing my physics report which is taking forever cos Im not used to the lingo anymore. And the reports are difficult as they are when you’re not trying to remember them from months ago. But Im almost finish and then I can continue with Optics. Sounds strange but Ive missed physics. And the maths… =) Time to get stuck into it again before going home again.

Another reason for staying in and having a study day is I went out with some Duyfken crew and volunteers yesterday and Brandon came with too! Of course we went to PJ’s and saw the coyote ugly girl dancing on the bar. They have these competitions where first three guys go up and dance with the girls and then three girls. Brad from Duyfken got up there with the boys so when I was pushed into getting up there after it didn’t take more than a small nudge. I’d been wanting to dance with them since last time I was here. It was so much fun. Too bad my favourite coyote wasn’t there that night ba it was great fun non the less. Brad went on to the finals and WON the competition!!! Got a voucher for free drinks so he kept us well clenched after that. He was so inebriated, gosh that was funny!! But he was soo good, I only wish Ive had my video camera with me. I let him stay in the spare bunk on my boat because him walking home would’ve been a worry.

On a happy note, my sunburn is getting much better. It got heaps worse first, blisters and lots of pain, but I got some stuff from the chemist and some pure Aloe Vera, straight from the pant itself, and that helped heaps. So in two days the blisters are close to gone and the pain is minimal. *Happy* =)

I better be getting back to my books now. Meeting some friends for some drinks and pizza later on. Having such a great time here in Cairns. It’s even better, much, much better, the second time around!!

Kezzie – the wild coyote!!

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Erik said...

Coolt att du hittade fotografen. Du har la bett att få en kopia av han hoppas jag.

Ta de lugnt med spriten å ha de så skoj.