Thursday, 15 January 2009

I’ve spent the morning trying to sort out my group certificates before I leave, this piece of paper I need from my previous employers so I can file my taxes. But one of them still hasn’t come trough and I’ve called them 3 times already. Last minute things really shits me, and now my bank is flipping me off too. I will not have enough money for the travels home, for food and stuff…. And I can’t access my Swedish OR Australian online banking. Thank gd that Todd from Flight Centre came to my rescue when it seemed like I wouldn’t be getting accommodation in Japan. There had been some misunderstanding when I booked with him 4 months ago and the hotel hadn’t been added to my travels. So expecting to FINALLY have someone meeting me at the airport got thoroughly smashed when I picked up my tickets today. But Todd came to my rescue and PAID for it. AWESOME! From now on ALL my travels will be booked via the TODD!!!

Still have some cleaning on the boat I’m staying on before I leave and other stuff…. But I’ll have to sort it out somehow. I’m sure it will work out if I just stop stressing about it. Right? =D

Going to go have a beer or something to cool down, can’t do much more today about anything so one beer then back to the boat for cleaning and packing.

Shit…. How do I transport my bike box from Copenhagen to Malmo….? Fuck it, I’ll think of something!! =) ROFL!!!


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