Saturday, 17 January 2009

I’m HOME!!

Landed 3 hours ago and I’m so very tired. But I can’t wait to tell ya what’s happened in the last 48 hours.

Left Cairns, all good. Bike in the box (thanks to some friends), and got dropped off at the airport. Check-in all good, although very long line, no worries.

Land in Japan. Need to check-out the bike in the box. No worries. Put it in storage and take off to the hotel. Hotel slightly scruffy ba once again, no worries.

Next day, early morning. At airport. Transported bike in box from terminal 2 to terminal 1. No worries.

Proceed to check-in with bike in the box. Suddenly BIG FUICKIN WORRY!!!! Girl in counter says, that’ll be 70 Euro for your SPORT EQUIPMENT. Huh?? Got a bit displeased at the sight of paying an extra 700 SEK for bike in the box when that is the ONLY luggage I’m checking in. But fine, what to do? Leave it in Japan? Na. Iie. Not gonna happen. Proceed to another counter to pay. Girl in counter says that’ll be 80 Euro. WHAT?? Hold on, the other girl said 70… Yes, extra SERVICE FEE 10 Euro. BIG WHACKING FURRY!!
What fuckin service would that be? I ask as politely as possible.
Bla bla bla reason bla bla bla…
I want to speak to your supervisor.
Hold on…
Hi I’m supervisor.
Hi I’m not happy. Fix.
10 min later.
Ok you don’t have to pay extra 10 Euros.

HA!!! Victory!! Small, but still!! Veni, vidi, vici!!

So, these things happen, I should know by now that when travelling unexpected things always will occur. I soon was in a good mood again, I put on Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and headed of to gate 33 and my favourite sushi restaurant. More than 2 hours later I was apparently well sought after. I was paying for the awesome feed I just had when a dear little banshee comes wailing after me. Rapidly speaks in a radio, FOUND HER!! Now I have a heavy backpack on, carrying two heavy bags and a sleeping bag full of my Swedish winter clothes and she says;
Run!! Can you run??
Looking at her I say;
No, things will fall off me if I do.
Run, you must run!!
Things will F A L L O F F if I do!!
We are just 10 meters from the gate. I look at her n go;
Ba I got to walk on the plane like a rock star. Sort off. It would’ve been sweet to walk onboard with everyone else already sitting and not having to wait in line, if it wasn’t for the luggage. Walking up the isle, banging from side to side, feeling like a tortoise playing hit the human heads, I didn’t feel glamorous at all…

Got to sit next to a really funny guy though who thought I was completely insane. In a good way. ;) At one stage I got up to go to the toilet and when I came back he was still standing up, watching something. I thought it’d be funny to wait n watch too so when he turned around I’d go BOOO. But he didn’t turn around and I stood there looking like a fool. Now there was a Japanese couple sitting behind us and if you ever seen a Japanese game show on TV you know that the Japanese sometimes have a weird sense of humour. The man took his lighter and indicated I should set this poor man in front of me on fire. Apparently that would be funny as hell. I indicated I should tickle him instead but I don’t think they expect that I would actually do it. So when I did and waiting man jumped a meter and almost hit the roof, they laughed their asses of. Serious ROTFLMAO going on. Sweet.

Flight landed in Vienna. Got off. Bought expensive suit case for next trip. Got back on. Or tried. Got stopped in the metal detector and had to strip. Layer after layer. Then got to enjoy a strip searched from a butchy looking woman. Maybe would’ve been more interesting if I’d been awake. Or maybe not. Because at this stage the time in Australia would’ve been well past midnight and I’ve been travelling for two days. Tiredness had entered my body wasn’t about to leave. Anyone who has tried to wake me from a sleeping state in the middle of the night knows how easy that is. NOT!

Called a friend from Vienna because I had suddenly also realised I wasn’t arriving on Sunday but a full day earlier! So the accommodation I arranged since a month back was a no go. And with bike in the box I wasn’t prepared to travel far on my own without transport that included four wheels. Luckily mate Peter could pick me up!!!! Xxoo to him!!

So happy ending. Although I almost got stuck not being able to pay my train ticket home from Copenhagen because I didn’t have a PIN code for my credit card. So those Swedish money TimTam gave me saved the day and I got HOME!! More xxoo’s!!!

I’m now going to fall asleep in front of lousy Swedish night time TV and I’m going to LOVE every minute of it!! All’s well that end’s well.

And to my dear Ozzie friends, on word to you all;


Kez – Has returned!!


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is the best blog of yours I have read so far:)!!! Not only because of the way you wrote it,(Excellent descriptions) but because that would ONLY Happen to you!:)
I am SO glad you asked to see a manager about that extra 10Euro!! I read that and was like "YA KEZ! You go chick!:)" Those people will try to screw ANYONE!!! Schemers!
And p.s. I LOVE Jason Maraz "I'm Yours" that song is so old and I did a ballet/jazz dance to it when I was like 13!!! and now they are playing it on the radio I AM IN HEAVEN:)!
.. Honesty Kez this made my day!... Keep sending me the updates

Emily *Your coolest Canadian friend:)

Magnus said...

Welcome home!

My, oh my, what a trip... :O