Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the littlest things...

-”Find the little things in everyday life that make you happy - and do them often.”

It’s been a very bumpy start to my helicopter tech studies and I am not ashamed of saying that last semester, I got a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task before me. Not only the amount of studying needed to succeed, but also by the many new things to adjust to very quickly, in a very pressed-for-time kind of way, as it was presented to me. So I decided to focus. Do this. Then this. Then that. So easy but yet so hard. But my success rate increased by doing so and I was starting to shed the weight that had gotten me down. Slowly it has also dawned on me that there are a few things, that is to say, little things in everyday life that make me happy every time I do them. Like buying an Espresso House caffè latte and enjoying that. Drinking a really good beer after passing an exam, as a small reward. Or taking a warm bath in candle light while watching a movie when you know it’s -20 degrees outside, as an awesome way to relax your entire body before going to bed.

So I do these things. Often. But not too often. And I change them around. And I don’t do ALL of them at the same time. Or on the same day. Because we all know that too much of a good thing is not always such a good thing. ^_^ But often enough to get a dos of happiness to keep a steady, happy mood, just like you’re supposed to eat every third hour to keep your levels up so you don’t crash before lunch or dinner.

Like the first time I overdosed on coffee. Both being coffee novices at that time, my friend and I had similar symptoms but couldn’t pin it down as to what, until she smartly pointed out those fifty cups of coffee (give or take) we’d had while studying at a café. So not good to OD on coffee – I just don’t have the stomach for it. ^_^
Also, to save up on cash, I’ve bought my very own little espresso maker, the cheap version for start. So now I enjoy a tasty, creamy coffee whenever and I’m not burning a hole in my pocket. And it’s an even more enjoyable experience too!

It has tickled my senses enormously to discover I like beer in the way other people enjoy a good glass of wine, a cigar, whisky and so forth. And there are so many fun choices and different tastes it’s like a fun new lifelong passion that I just started to explore.

Mm... A taste of really dark chocolate. And it surprisingly goes really great with beer!

Walks. Ah yes. LOVE long walks. Listening to a great podcast or just time alone to ponder and/or find solutions to current, on-hand, problems.

And I adore my bath tub. Pure adoration. Had I been back at Tangalooma it would’ve been snorkelling instead. Or diving. But that’s sooo not going to happen during a Swedish winter! Ha!

So what little things in your everyday life make you happy? If you know – do them more often! Because if you are happy, it’s easier to make others happy too! ^_^

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