Thursday, 21 February 2008

I’m finally getting excited about leaving Kalgoorlie and going to Cairns. Haven’t really taken it in yet, but today I started training my replacement at work and I think it sort of finally sunk in. Hoping to sell the car before going because I could use the money, but no disaster if that doesn’t happen.

I can’t wait to get to Cairns actually. I hear it’s supposed to be really beautiful there with lots of green and beaches for miles. It’ll be nice to see the ship in that sort of exotic environment where it sort of belongs. I’ll have to take heaps of videos and pictures to post here!

This weekend will be packing, packing and packing. I’ll have to once again try and fit my life into a suitcase and this time I’m killing my darlings. Nothing unnecessary can come. But the bike will. Yay!

I’ll be stoping in Brisbane first for one night and then fly off again!


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Anonymous said...

Grrr, wrote a long entry and it disappeared!!! Good luck moving and I'm sure you'll be happier near the ocean! :D All the guests are gone now - only Isak is still here - sleeping! :) Darn kids stayed up half the night yesterday but at least they're sleeping now... and so is Thomas! LOL I'm wide awake drinking Cosmos though! ;)

Lots of love, Maria

PS ska hem till pappa imorgon på lunch - kalops! :) DS