Saturday, 16 February 2008

I’ve up-dated the VIDEOS page, have a look!

Today Wes and I went to the Arts Centre to see a Stand-Up comedian, Danny Bhoy. So funny. After we went out and hit the town and had a few. Didn’t stay out long, the night scene isn’t what it used to be. Gone quite tired of it.

Spoke to Cian today, my future boss on the Duyfken. Seems that Cairns not being flooded like the rest of Queensland. Good stuff! If you haven’t heard, a big storms hit QLD and 12 inches of rain fell within 12 hours, which is a LOT. Flood water everywhere. If it’s not a farkin drought here, or a big bush fire, it’s a flood. Nothing in-between. Lol

Going to put my car up for sale tomorrow. Feel a bit sad about that. I just got it... Ba hopefully I’ll get a lot of money for it. (Not likely) lol I’ll take a few pics and put up here.

So how do ya’ll like the new website? Leave a comment and let me know!!!

Have a great day mates!! Hope to cya soon!


Karin ‘Kez’

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Erik said...

Kul att du fått igång bloggen. Denna är mycke bättre eftersom man kan prenumerera på den i de flesta mailprogram och webbläsare (istället för att man får ett mail och så måste man själv gå till en sida).

Kul att höra att du också tyckte utflykten till Menzies var en av de bättre.

Just nu håller jag på å laddar upp mina bilder till datorn, sen ska jag klippa ihop min egna version av filmen.