Sunday, 24 February 2008

Two years away from home, two years travelling, two years spent, TODAY!!! :D
It’s been two eventful years, to say the least. But I’m getting closer to my goal, to my choppers and to summer when I get to see ya all again!! BIG party when I get home!!!

Hit the town yesterday to celebrate that and my last big night out in Kal, and oh my, last night was a hit. And so is my head today. Lol Ah bit on the heavy side. Started with a house warming party at a friend’s place and then we hit Judd’s, my fav pub. It was packed and so much fun!

Also, I think I might have sold my car, not sure yet, I’ll get back to ya on that. Lol I hope I did tho. :D

My sisters BIRTHDAY on the 19th of Feb, a little shout-out to her and to Helena and Peter’s baby Alvar who turned two on the 23rd of Feb. Happy B-Day guys!!! LOTS OF LOVE!!


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